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Dani Aldwinckle | MilkMilkSugar

My name is Dani - not much happens when you Google it.

I'm a funky graphic designer who has been in the design game for 12 years. While growing up, I quickly discovered that I had a passion and talent for design. Many of my family members are renowned for art and illustration, so I've always had a natural inclination for creating; I saw the power one piece of artwork could have and it inspired me to go down the same path.

I attended college in London, Ontario and

graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design. Since then I've worked for huge corporations, brand agencies, and smaller mom-and-pop shops, learning every angle I could.

Career and History

After working in many different companies and agencies, I realized I wanted to do something more fulfilling than just working for huge corporations who didn't know I existed. I lost my spark. In the midst of a quarter life crisis, I began a 21 day challenge to create at least one piece of digital art everyday. The result? I had created some super cool designs and decided to open an Etsy shop to see if I could make some extra money off of my work; it paid off and MilkMilkSugar was born!


My Etsy shop has evolved into something much bigger than I expected: it became a hub for high quality tools that crafters and entrepreneurs could use to create their own products affordably. My passion for art grew into a full-time job where I am able to help others succeed in business or just to simply create.

Beach in australia
Shrimp food dish
Slack lining activity
Puppy in thailand
Underwater diving

The Future

I am now living the life I have always dreamed of; working on my own terms and loving what I do.

Hustle, travel, and a splash of creativity; that’s my recipe for adventure. I’ll continue to stumble through business and life, making up my own rules and

maybe helping you do the same. Hitch your cart to my star; I'm going places.

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