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Dani Aldwinckle | MilkMilkSugar

My name is Dani - not much happens when you Google it.

Hold onto your hats, because the tale of Dani – that's me – and MilkMilkSugar is not your average run-of-the-mill story. It's like a secret recipe passed down through generations of artists and designers.

Rewind to the part where I'm a kid, probably drawing on walls (sorry, Mom!). You see, in my family, art isn't just a hobby; it's a legacy. My great great grandfather, Eric Aldwinckle was an Official Second World War artist, a design dynamo, and one of the most celebrated illustrators of the 20th century. Other notable family history include famous magicians, Royal Arch masons, and recognized game hunters in Africa. Talk about setting the bar high!?

Career and History

With genes like these, it's no wonder I ended up with a Graphic Design diploma and a passion for art and design. From corporate giants to charming local stores and small print shops, I've left my creative mark everywhere along the way.

But the real plot twist? I ditched the bland corporate world on a pursuit to fulfill my dream. It all started with a 21-day design challenge that birthed MilkMilkSugar, my very own Etsy phenomenon. This isn't just any digital shop; it's a powerhouse with over 140,000 orders and a top 0.01% ranking on Etsy. Oh, and let's not forget those graphic design awards shining on my mantle.

Beach in australia
Shrimp food dish
Slack lining activity
Puppy in thailand
Underwater diving

The Future

Graphic design isn't just my career; it's in my blood, literally. Thanks, great great granddad! Today, I'm living the dream, mixing work, adventure, and creativity into a life that's as colourful as art. If you're ready for a little rule-bending and a lot of creativity, I'm your gal. The best time to start working towards your goals was yesterday, the second best time is now.

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