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Sunday Sessions: Jan 28 - Feb 4, 2024

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Sessions, where I share a handful of things that have not only caught my eye but have also brought a slice of joy into my days. As the heart and soul behind MilkMilkSugar, I find that sharing these little gems with you is like sending out tiny ripples of happiness. So, let’s dive into this week’s treasures!

1. The Skincare Game Changers

This week, I’ve been all about giving my skin some extra love and attention, especially with the ever-changing climates I find myself in. My latest skincare routine has been a revelation, thanks in part to a couple of standout products that have truly transformed my skin’s health.

  • Skin Barrier Savior: I discovered this skin barrier cream that has been nothing short of miraculous. It’s been the shield my skin needed against the elements, keeping it hydrated and happy.

  • Niacinamide Necessity: Then there’s this Niacinamide serum, a powerhouse ingredient that’s been key to maintaining that glow while keeping the blemishes at bay. Together, these products have been my skin's best friends.

2. The Simplest Dip Delight

In the kitchen, I’ve been keeping things uncomplicated yet utterly delicious with my favourite dip of the week. Imagine a trifecta of flavours: a base layer of creamy hummus, a middle of fresh pre-made tabouleh salad, and a generous crumble of feta to top it all off. It’s been a go-to for quick snacks and has never failed to impress.

3. A Journey with Lola in the Mirror

Books are my escape and my latest adventure was with “Lola in the Mirror.” It’s a story that wraps you in its world, with characters that feel like old friends by the last page. If you’re in need of a new read, and If you're a physical copy gal, here's the link for your collection.

4. Waterproof Wonders

I absolutely love my rings and necklaces, but the Australian sun and surf has OUTED me for having gold plated or fake jewelry. I just placed a PVD coated jewelry order - which will be much more practical, stylish, and withstand my daily ocean, sand, and sun rituals. I snagged a Hey Harper necklace, anklet and earrings! They will be an absolute game changer for someone who loves to accessorize without worry of tarnishing.

Each of these picks has added something special to my week, and I hope they bring a bit of that same joy to yours. Whether it’s through a skincare revelation, a culinary experiment, a captivating read, or treasures that accompany you on your adventures, it’s these little things that make our days brighter. The "time in-between".

Stay tuned for more discoveries and delights in next week’s Sunday Sessions. Until then, keep finding joy in the small things.

With love and sugar, Dani

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