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Crafting Thoughtful Gifts for Those 'Obligatory' Occasions Under $10

Hey there! We all have those moments when we need to find a gift for someone out of obligation rather than inspiration. But fret not! We're here to turn that duty into a delight with some crafty ideas using your Cricut. These gifts are not just budget-friendly, but they're also unique, personal, and sure to leave a lasting impression. So, let's get going!

1. Custom Coasters: Make Their Coffee Table Smile

Picture this: you're invited to a distant relative's Christmas party or your colleague's xmas tradition. You need a gift, but you want to keep it simple yet thoughtful. Enter the custom coaster - practical, personal, and perfect for pretty much anyone.


  • Plain coasters (think ceramic, wood, or cork)

  • Permanent vinyl in various colors

  • Transfer tape

  • Your trusty Cricut machine

  • Weeding tools

  • Clear sealant (optional - modge podge or similar)


  1. Design Time: Whip up a design in the Cricut Design Space. Go for initials, funky patterns, or even a quote that’s an inside joke.

  2. Cut and Weed: Let your Cricut do the cutting, then weed out the excess vinyl.

  3. Stick It On: Use transfer tape to get your design onto the coaster.

  4. Seal the Deal: A clear sealant can add durability for those coasters that'll see lots of coffee action.

2. Bookmarks: For the Obligatory Book Club Gift

Got a book club gift exchange? Or maybe an acquaintance who's a bit of a bookworm? Custom bookmarks are your go-to. They're easy, inexpensive, and hey, who doesn’t need another bookmark?


  • Cardstock or heavyweight paper

  • Vinyl for fancy bits

  • Cricut machine

  • Laminating sheets (optional)

  • Ribbon or tassels for pizzazz


  1. Craft Your Bookmark: Design it in Cricut Design Space, adding quotes or graphics.

  2. Cut and Decorate: Cut the bookmark and any vinyl designs, then stick 'em together.

  3. Laminate for Longevity: To keep it neat and tidy.

  4. Accessorize: Add a ribbon or tassel for that final touch.

3. Kitchen Towel Art: For When You’re Invited to That Third-Cousin's Christmas Brunch

Need something festive for a family member or a new neighbor? Kitchen towel art is both useful and personal. Plus, it’s a subtle way to add some flair to their daily routine.


  • Plain kitchen towels

  • Heat transfer vinyl (HTV)

  • Cricut machine

  • Weeding tools

  • Iron or heat press


  1. Pick a Design: Whether it’s a cheeky quote or a stylish pattern.

  2. Mirror, Cut, Weed: Remember to mirror your design for HTV, cut it out, and then weed.

  3. Iron On: Transfer your design onto the towel.

  4. Peel and Reveal: Let it cool and peel off the backing.

So, there you have it! Three fantastic, budget-friendly gift ideas for those times when you need to give a gift, but you're not sure what to give. With your Cricut, a bit of creativity, and these ideas, you're all set to make something special that won’t be regifted (hopefully). Happy crafting! 🎨🖌️



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